Private house dishes
项目名称: 觅居
项目面积: 800平方米
空间性质: 私房菜餐饮
设计小组: H组
坐落位置: 中国江苏
主要建材: 竹帘 木材
设计时间: 2019


A good catering design is to control the details. This concept is most vividly displayed in the design of the high-end catering club for private dishes in this case. After abandoning the noise and impetuousness, the private dish space cooked in a private kitchen should be private and quiet! Blanc's professional restaurant design company focuses on various expressions of Chinese Zen, so that diners can release pressure here, so as to present a complete and quality sensory experience.

标签: 私房菜餐厅设计高端餐饮会所设计专业餐厅设计公司
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