Big river household
项目名称: 大江户日料
项目面积: 250平方米
空间性质: 日料
设计小组: Y组
坐落位置: 宁波
主要建材: 原木 藤席
设计时间: 2019年

For the high-end Japanese materials in Edo, Blanc design adheres to the orientation of Party A, combines Japanese tranquility and Zen with modern wood color to create a peach blossom garden in the city. Different from the general restaurant decoration design, the daily material requires high accuracy of serving time, so we put the back kitchen space and front work area on the first floor, and the second floor is the private room. The first floor is a tribute to the ceremony of Japanese materials, then the second floor is to create a practical space, and the stairs become the connection between spiritual impression and real experience space. Along the linear light, step up, accompanied by the left thousand posture and the wind puppet facade, as if in a way to describe the highest Japanese welcome to guests. On the right side of the fence composed of bars combined with light and shadow, the guests through the process, light and shadow oblique, the tree shadow whirling, in a moment you are a person in the scene.

标签: 高端日式餐厅设计高端日料装修设计郑州日料装修设计公司
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