Yu Mian
项目名称: 玉面
项目面积: 60平方米
空间性质: 商场店面
设计小组: Y组
坐落位置: 郑州丹尼斯一天地
主要建材: 木材 铁艺 定制灯具
设计时间: 2014年11月




Jade face positioning in the delicate pasta dot, in the production process, heritage zhongyuan one thousand traditional hand-made surface technology, through artificial of time, space, the accuracy of temperature and humidity control, do the natural fermentation of perfection, make the noodles taste soft and elastic, at the same time with all sorts of fresh food and secret recipe, taste and appearance are good, is absolutely terrific delicious with the tip of the tongue.

As the first store in the jade face in zhengzhou, Dennis, excellent geographical location estuary metro subway combining jade face itself brand positioning, blanc design eventually set in accordance with delicate image, the modern food space of traditional crafts, delicious food to enjoy. The overall store design is given priority to with lumber, combination, wrought iron, material collision let store image richer texture. Exquisite special lamps and lanterns from above by steel tube sling, satisfy market rules can solve the problem of lighting design, and don't have some kind of artistic conception and taste.

In stores line design, the designer combined with human body engineering is given priority to with single booth, ErRenTai, four people is complementary. The design of the tables and chairs also show originality, choose the collocation of woodiness and tin, both on the material and the overall store photograph echo, and increased the sense of design. Raw red brick, the board of lamp chamfer, random handicrafts, enough to make this food and enjoy, surprise and recalled the old place.

标签: 店面设计店面设计效果图商场店面设计
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