Clear Water Bay sales center
项目名称: 潢川清水湾售楼中心
项目面积: 1500
空间性质: 售楼中心
设计小组: A组
坐落位置: 河南·信阳
主要建材: 石板 木质挂板 玻璃
设计时间: 2013


This case is the two period of Clear Water Bay sales center design, Clear Water Bay is located in Xinyang Huangchuan, the surrounding environment Xiushan Lishui, a pleasant climate. To keep house for traction, designed to establish a space to be able to calm down, to savor the elegant. Space color steady does not lose the light, the visual focus exhibition area in the sand table, visual experience a rich and flexible. Designers from the water table flow design, seems break off design, and sand table lamp bright, outlined Chinese modern art picture a magnificent for us.

标签: 销售中心设计售楼中心设计售楼部设计方案
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