Hongxin Club
项目名称: 河南华邑商务会所
项目面积: 2000㎡
空间性质: 商务会所
设计小组: A组
坐落位置: 河南·商丘
主要建材: 不锈钢、进口石板、雕花
设计时间: 2011


Hongxin club is a restaurant, bar, conference room and other comprehensive business club, in order to show the extraordinary business club space, designers boldly performance of Chinese traditional elements in the elegant temperament, at the same time with precious materials to highlight the club's high-end taste. Absorb the essence of Chinese classical axial symmetry in space structure design, convey the ancient official home like sense of honor. The magnificent mountains and rivers of decorative painting, calm atmosphere lighting, the business club in the pursuit of artistic conception, and the spirit of light, be just perfect expression.

标签: 商务会所设计私人会所设计商业会所设计
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