Zen Hin Club
禅意轩 · 中式高级私人会所设计
项目名称: 禅意轩私人会所
项目面积: 1000㎡
空间性质: 私人会所
设计小组: Y组
坐落位置: 山东青岛
主要建材: 粗狂石材 木板 景观瀑布
设计时间: 2011年12月



The modernization of Chinese style style is entered the warring states period, flowers, and modern interpretation of the Chinese literati space is zen porch design theme of Chinese senior private clubs. Look from the flat configuration is axis sequence space, divided into the porch, study and restaurant SanJin space.

The wall body of study space is open, in the form of dado is a combination of display and outdoor landscape be in harmony are an organic whole, become the theme of the room wall. Club restroom try to use the rough texture of cement to explain the situation like a poem, with the combination of stone and iron to produce a surreal space.

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