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时尚之约 郑州CBD最新复式别墅豪宅设计说明
项目名称: 时尚之约·张宅
项目面积: 300㎡
空间性质: 复式别墅
设计小组: Y组
坐落位置: 河南郑州
主要建材: 木饰面板 壁纸 装饰画
设计时间: 2014年6月





This case is a compound villa, man is a famous lawyer, goodwife is corporate executives. As urban rational high accomplishment, hope home can be a warm, comfortable, full of artistic feeling. Visitor entered the room, spacious bright space, the color of jumping accessories, murals and random patchwork splash-ink, artistic atmosphere instantly accessible to the home.

The collocation of color decoration panel and wall cloth warm fashion, every detail to the person with amiable comfort, seems to be not treated, can bring friends introduction to introduce. Sitting room design has a lot of intention, simple sense of curtain, yellow seats, delicate and comfortable sofa, exquisite deserve to act the role of and large LCD screen, and red traditional Chinese style style murals harmonious compatibility and splendour of the corresponding, delicate and comfortable lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood, perfect to show villa host elegant and fashionable taste.

Considering the owners rarely used the kitchen, villa design company specially set kitchen to open space, and to form the bar. Tie-in and same contracted exquisite table and lamps and lanterns, contracted wind spread.

Into the bedroom, the space of two tonal give priority to with white and black, with sitting room photograph echo, contracted design style with a comfortable furniture and Chinese paintings, more show master is concise and elegant quality, let a person look forward to the soft time after each night.

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