Sias International Kindergarten
项目名称: 西亚斯国际幼儿园
项目面积: 5000平方米
空间性质: 幼儿空间
设计小组: Y组
坐落位置: 河南郑州
主要建材: 石膏板 乳胶漆 塑胶地板
设计时间: 2008年10月



Zhengzhou SIAS kindergarten is undoubtedly a paradise for children, to the idea of people as the basis, to create a space that is suitable for infants to learn. Architectural appearance with fresh color, create a good visual effect. The interior space is more colorful, very eye-catching.
Into the park, to each region in cooperation with the children, even childlike naivete lovable, the corridor is no exception. The corridor space simple fashion, the designer put here as a seven color palette, often through are full of fun! Into the room, wooden floor color and smallpox, green grass smiled at each other, but is not a personality; warm decoration, furniture and cartoon ornaments for the interest of innocence show without involuntary discharge of urine. So full of playful style of decoration for the whole space active, for the children to create a colorful world, and slowly to reflect the joy of learning and growth.

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