The Floridian
项目名称: 逸意居·传统中式豪宅设计
项目面积: 560㎡
空间性质: 豪宅设计
设计小组: A组
坐落位置: 河南·郑州
主要建材: 装饰画、大理石、木质地板
设计时间: 2011


The living room design is the highlight of the suspension in the furniture at the top of the ink and wash paintings, big picture perspective stereo effect, echoed the living room the whole classical tone and temperament, and the multi-layer meanings as an extension of this part of the Punchline. Decoration is indispensable ornament, forspace greatly enhanced. Modeling chic, warm and soft style lighting, set off the living room and elegant atmosphere; colour quietly elegant fragrance, old auspicious clouds carpet, so that the whole house is transparent, bright. The bedroom of thered lanterns and shelving bed is a thick China style.

标签: 豪宅设计私人豪宅设计中式豪宅设计案例
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