Tian Ya Ju
项目名称: 恬雅居
项目面积: 1000㎡
空间性质: 别墅豪宅
设计小组: A组
坐落位置: 河南洛阳
主要建材: 白橡木 白色烤漆 皮革裱布 订制家具
设计时间: 2012年12月
Purchase self achievement the office and residential integration mansion. Different from the general design considerations since the building owner, business needs, as a building products and office area, two floor residential public area, three or four floor room private area, and the top floor by elevator from one floor to be planning for the VIP room. Public access to the family clear without interference, but also can meet the social needs of career, Blanc design team so planning so that the owner was very satisfied with the.
In order to meet the owner's personality, but also to meet the tastes of the reserved design space, designers especially in natural materials in large area covered, highlighting the diastolic pressure and the pattern through the entrance, a log home texture, and natural lighting living room TV wall, and stone rice plants to create a quiet and elegant atmosphere, but also delicate on the needs of the owners.
In addition, the living room sofa wall specially selected four pieces of ink paintings also implies the master mind. The whole house was designed with the design concept of "recover one's original simplicity, reduce the board design hypocritical decoration, minimalist design can not only reflect the owner of the house's original intention, this is also the hope for homeowners to convey to the child and family family spirit.
标签: 自建房设计豪宅设计案例现代简约豪宅设计
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